MoMA Design Competition Floor Lamp

Anyone can jump on the Mid-Century bandwagon and put a credenza in the sitting room, but true connoisseurs have a sharper eye. A prime piece for the latter is Gilbert Watrous’ MoMA Design Competition Heifetz Floor Lamp. The enduringly stylish, sleek steel fixture features a slender arm balanced on a magnetic ball, with 360-degree rotation. The shade is a bit newer than the 1951 model, …

Pure Silver Garment Brush

For those who take their wardrobes seriously, nothing less than the finest care tools will do. Take, for example, the Pure Silver Garment Brush by Oswald Haerdtl—with tarnish-resistant silver edged in subtle ticking and all-natural fibers, the sprucing-up mechanism brings new meaning to the idea of looking dapper.

Champion Soda Pop

Twist and shout with '50s-inspired sneakers from the Keds Century Collection

Just launched as the latest era in the Keds’ Century Collection, the 1950s-inspired Champion Soda Pop satin sneakers play tribute to the twist-and-shout days of early rock n’ roll . Bold shades of blue, green and black with polka dots and bright laces add a punch of colorful fun to this season’s autumn neutrals. The limited edition Champion Soda Pop sneakers sell for $45 on …