Weezer: I Love The USA

Just in time for Independence Day, a remarkable joining of forces: Weezer and NASA. The song “I Love The USA” is the result of NASA asking the veteran rock band to write a song to commemorate and celebrate spacecraft Juno’s landing on Jupiter. Juno was launched back in 2011 and is finally due to enter the planet’s orbit 4 July. What better way to celebrate …

Think Pin

William N Copley (aka CPLY) passed away in 1996, but his thoughtful and provocative art remains relevant. Somewhere between Surrealism and American pop art, Copley’s work is colorful, bold and full of allegory. This American flag pin (with the word “think” replacing the stars) is a timely reminder that’s it’s possible to be hopeful, thoughtful, respectful and still patriotic.

Burgerac’s Bangin’ 4th of July Barbecue Mix

The London-based burger detective mixes up some swampland hits in celebration of America's independence

As the United States celebrates its independence from the United Kingdom 238 years ago we find it only appropriate to share in the joy that, while no longer part of Great Britain, America thrives in an ongoing friendship with our English-speaking friends on the other side of the Atlantic. With that in mind, we present a mix of swampy jukebox tunes from London-based burger fanatic …