Abra mesmerizes in 64 seconds, remembering synth soothsayer Isao Tomita, plus new Chance the Rapper and Fischerspooner

Isao Tomita: Arabesque No. 1 84-year-old composer and synth soothsayer Isao Tomita passed away this weekend in Tokyo. He introduced the near-infinite possibilities of a relatively new invention, the Moog modular synthesizer to Japan—approaching the instrument like an orchestra that could express sounds and “colors” never heard before, and evoke sensual qualities. Especially loved was his 1974 album Snowflakes Are Dancing (with the impressive subtitle: …

ABRA: Come 4 Me

In a video directed by Tyler Mitchell, Atlanta-based ABRA’s “Come 4 Me” gets a luminous, colorful, sexy makeover. The track might clock in at just over one minute long, but there’s plenty conveyed in that time. The experimental R&B-meets-electronic tune is full of steamy thumping bass and ABRA’s vocals are sultry to match.