Bergamotto Di Calabria La Spugnatura

Milan-based Acqua di Parma’s latest fragrance, “Bergamotto Di Calabria La Spugnatura” is immediately bright and citrus-forward, but grounded with rich notes of cedar and vetiver. The fragrance’s bergamot essence is extracted by hand through an ancient four-step artisanal technique. Housed in a hand-painted porcelain bottle, this limited edition fragrance incorporates citrus, florals, leather and smoky notes, but the result isn’t overwhelming; rather it’s soft and …

Colonia Pura Deodorant Stick

Intended for men, but certainly wearable by all genders, Acqua di Parma’s “Colonia Pura” deodorant stick is subtle but offers notes of patchouli, white musk, jasmine and orange—uniting for an ultimately fresh scent. Ideal for sensitive (or just-shaved or waxed) skin, it’s alcohol-free and applies smoothly. Price is in Euros.