Alexander Girard La Fonda Del Sol Coloring Book

The late architect, designer and artist Alexander Girard’s playful suns—outlined in this new coloring book, which has been named for the solar motifs within the design of the NYC restaurant La Fonda Del Sol—were a study in visceral composition and expressive detail. In the book, countless iterations of Girard’s famed suns await decorating and coloring from artists of all ages. Price is in euros.

Jerry Garcia Limited Edition Coloring Book

Be it a tidal wave or a banyan tree, a “space container” and more, the hand-drawn and painted works of Jerry Garcia come to life again in Terrapin Stationers’ new limited edition coloring book. There are eight Garcia works that can be colored any which way—and all of them leave substantial room for the imagination. Printed in West Haven, CT, it’s an adult coloring book …