Studio Job + Alessi’s Comtoise Clock

We speak with Job Smets about their collaboration with the iconic Italian design house

Best known for their unique creative approach that merges art and design, Studio Job‘s creations are oftentimes easily recognized. The two Flemish designers leading the studio (Job Smets and Nynke Tynagel) have a knack for using plenty of symbols—from the esoteric to the digital, and the classic to the obscure. During Milan Design Week we spoke with Smets about the industry as a whole, and …

9091 Water Kettle

Manufactured by Alessi, this stainless steel kettle has become the brand’s first multi-sensory design—warming tastebuds and stimulating eardrums. Unlike the ear-piercing screams of other kettles, this classic 1983 kettle by Richard Sapper produces a delightful melody when water reaches a boil—thanks to a brass whistle that sings two notes: “mi” and “si.” Its simple, notched handle also makes it a pleasure to pour.

Interview: Gabriele Chiave of Alessi

Insight on the designer's whimsical new range, and the stories behind each piece

Gabriele Chiave is a storyteller. A designer for Alessi, Dainese, Foscarini and more, Chiave has lived everywhere from Dakar to Caracas, Rome and Amsterdam. Not only is his own existence rich with stories, each one of his works has its own. “For almost every project there is an anecdote or an interesting unexpected story to tell,” he tells CH. “Within many of the projects I …