Alexander Girard La Fonda Del Sol Coloring Book

The late architect, designer and artist Alexander Girard’s playful suns—outlined in this new coloring book, which has been named for the solar motifs within the design of the NYC restaurant La Fonda Del Sol—were a study in visceral composition and expressive detail. In the book, countless iterations of Girard’s famed suns await decorating and coloring from artists of all ages. Price is in euros.

Studio Visit: The Herman Miller Archive

We speak with Amy Auscherman about how looking back helps the brand move forward

On a recent visit to Herman Miller‘s headquarters we explored their impressive corporate archive. There we found many expected things like correspondence, old catalogs, sketches, swatches and rare pieces of furniture, along with unexpected treasures like shop floor-made templates for cutting wood pieces of modernist masterpieces and the negatives for the Eames‘ seminal 1977 film “Powers of Ten and the Relative Size of the Universe.” …

Heart of Love Card

While many are familiar with Alexander Girard’s acclaimed graphic designs, most people may not know he was a prolific letter writer. Appropriately, the iconic (oft times patterned-based) works by the celebrated mid-century architect and designer have found a new home with online notecard innovators Paperless Post. From glowing graphic hearts and suns to vibrant striped patterns, every card delivers something beautiful. You can also order …