Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland: With Artwork by Yayoi Kusama

With illustrations by Yayoi Kusama, this Penguin Classics hardcover release fuses the artist’s surreal style with the beloved tale. The book still suits kids, but proves that the tale transcends generations. Kusama’s take on the classic is perhaps the most creative and tantalizing yet.

The Alice Bouquet

Inspired by Lewis Miller’s Floral Flash that draped the Central Park statue of Alice in Wonderland in a floral boa, this Urban Stems bouquet uses roses, ranunculus, and raffine dianthus to create a combination of flowers that’s just as whimsical and bold. A portion of proceeds from this bouquet go to ProjectArt—an NYC program that offers free after-school, youth-focused art classes and studio space for emerging …

Kate Rohde + Romance Was Born: Express Yourself

The whimsical visual artist teams up once again with the psychedelic couture house for an exhibit in Melbourne

Ever since Kate Rohde partnered with psychedelic fashion house Romance Was Born (RWB) for their 2010 “Renaissance Dinosaur” collection, it’s as though a portal to a hallucinatory parallel universe has opened. Most recently this occurred at RWB’s exhibit, “Express Yourself: Romance Was Born for Kids,” currently on view at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne. For the show, RWB designers Luke Sales and Anna …