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Another Room

Floating Ashtray


From Canadian smokeware brand Another Room, the Floating Ashtray makes it easy to toke while soaking in the bath, relaxing in a pool or drifting down a river. 3D-printed with plant-based plastics, …

Another Room + Jointlockers

Mini Jointlocker


Made in Canada from plant-based plastic, Another Room’s Mini Jointlocker is a neat carrying case for a small BIC lighter and a mini joint. A removable chain allows users to attach the …

Another Room

Smell Proof Pouch


Measuring four by four inches, Another Room’s handy 820D nylon pouch traps in the aroma of fresh flower or edibles. With a playful slogan on the outside, this baggie seals super-tightly so …

Another Room

Cannabis Travel Kit


With cannabis and cannabis-adjacent products finding acceptance (and legalization) in more locations, it can be challenging to choose one place to stash or store them all. Another Room offers a solution: a …