Cool Hunting Video: Penguin Enrichment

How an iPad keeps the naturally curious birds engaged at a California aquarium

During a recent visit to Los Angeles, we stopped by the Aquarium of the Pacific after hearing about their interesting use of technology in the enrichment program for their Magellanic penguins. Experimenting with many objects to engage the naturally curious birds, aviculturist Sara Mandel found that the penguins took quite a liking to an iPad game she got for her cats. To Mandel’s surprise, the …

iMac Aquarium

With new computers becoming archaic more immediately than ever before, luckily there are clever thinkers like Jake Harms in the world. From his humble and self-grown shop, Harms transforms would-be-discarded iMacs into aquatic wonderlands. Infinitely more entertaining than your typical screensaver, these upcycled aquariums bring a new perspective on how we use technology.