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Rilla Alexander

Shape Stamps


Designer and illustrator Rilla Alexander’s heartwarming forms and bold colors spur imagination in children and adults alike. Her stamp kit, a collection of geometric beech wood stamps with colorful ink pads, offers …

Henry Julier

Outline Baskets


NYC-based industrial designer Henry Julier’s Outline Baskets maximize their minimal design. Available in black, yellow or as a set of green and red, these wire baskets provide a useful way to store …

Areaware + Nikolas Bentel

Doodle Crayons


Made in collaboration with artist and designer Nikolas Bentel, Areaware’s Doodle Crayons reimagine the humble implement. The set contains five crayon shapes—a yellow line, green cross, black zigzag, blue wiggle and red …

Areaware + Pete Oyler

Plant Pedestals


Assembly Design co-founder and lead designer Pete Oyler conceptualized this set of two plant pedestals, for Areaware, which can be used for anything you want to display: plants, candles, tchotchkes and more. …


Rounded Stacking Planter


Areaware’s tall stoneware stacking planter (which stands eight inches wide and eight inches tall) comprises two parts—a planter and a drainage dish—that nestle into one another to create one clean silhouette. With …


Chicago Dog Puzzle


With 70 pieces, Areaware‘s Chicago Hot Dog puzzle is a delicious jigsaw made for those aged six and over. Created to be a reward for off-screen time, it can be assembled in …

Parsons and Charlesworth

Rule of Thirds Finder


Available in three different translucent colorways, this laser-etched acrylic tool is a handy accessory for any photographer. Pocket-sized (at three inches), it’s a little grid that acts as a guide to the …

Totem Candles


Available in forest green, orange or a creamy hue, these candles—imagined by Grain Design and produced by Areaware—come in three different sizes. Each sized candle is carved differently, making for eye-catching decor …