Peanut Butter + Banana Recipe Biscuits

Taking an all-natural approach to your pooch’s nutrition, Ernest wants to make pet care more healthy and simple. Their Peanut Butter + Banana Recipe Biscuits are made up of just three ingredients—oats, peanut butter and banana—and are wheat-free, making them easier for your dog to digest them. With 14% crude protein and 9% crude fat, they offer plenty of nutrients for your pup.

Valentine’s Day Artisanal Dog Treats

Everyone needs love on Valentine’s Day, including our four-legged friends. A limited edition offering from artisanal dog treat producer Lord Jameson strikes the perfect balance of tastiness and health. Each treat is crafted from 100% organic non-GMO ingredients and is wheat-, corn-, soy- and diary-free. Made from coconut and roasted peanuts, it’s sure to be a pleaser.