Hypervolt 2 Pro

Professional-grade Hypervolt 2 Pro—Hyperice’s strongest percussion massage device—offers five variable speeds and automated speed adjustment through Bluetooth connection to their app, which also features guided routines from top athletes, for warm-up and recovery. Thanks to a brushless high-torque 90W motor and Hyperice’s patented pressure-sensor technology, this powerful device provides deep relief to stiff muscles quickly and effectively.

Logitech + Herman Miller’s Performance-Enhancing Embody Gaming Chair

Seven points of calibration cater to the modern gamer's needs

Gone are the days when gaming was considered a basement hobby; now it’s a professional sport with multi-million-dollar prizes, sprawling endorsement deals, and dedicated technology, apparel and accessories. From sneakers to displays and plenty of mouses, keyboards and controllers, the race to outfit this ever-growing category is gaining momentum. As such, Herman Miller—the 110-year-old producer of home and office furniture and equipment—partnered with Logitech to …

Whoop’s Wearable Fitness Tracker Promotes All-Around Wellbeing

The 3.0 iteration of the wrist-bound device substitutes for a personal trainer

Aside from a light-reflecting text logo, the Whoop 3.0 wristband (free with a membership that begins at $30 a month) is nearly indiscernible from a fabric sweatband. There’s no screen for real-time tracking, certainly no intruding vibrations or sensors and no surprising alerts. As such, this couldn’t replace an Apple Watch or everyday time-teller. That said, everything you do—working out, recovering, sleeping, walking to work, …