Hypervolt 2 Pro

Professional-grade Hypervolt 2 Pro—Hyperice’s strongest percussion massage device—offers five variable speeds and automated speed adjustment through Bluetooth connection to their app, which also features guided routines from top athletes, for warm-up and recovery. Thanks to a brushless high-torque 90W motor and Hyperice’s patented pressure-sensor technology, this powerful device provides deep relief to stiff muscles quickly and effectively.

Human Bacteria May Be the Secret to Athletic Endurance

A study published in Nature Medicine reveals that the secret to athletic endurance and heightened performance, isn’t creatine, chia seeds or beet juice, but rather a group of bacteria found in the gut of elite-level runners. By isolating the group, known as Veillonella, researchers were able to test its impact on mice post-ingestion—and those that ingested the bacteria ran 13% longer than mice that were given …