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Moore & Giles

Leather Travel Backgammon


Easily rolled up, this leather backgammon set from Moore & Giles is the ideal companion for trips. Backed with Baldwin Oak leather, and lined with French nubuck, this is a durable set …

Bespoke Backgammon Set


Designed exclusively for Moda Operandi, Alexandra Llewellyn’s luxe backgammon set is made in England from fine woods, stones and metals. Its charming safari theme features giraffes and lush trees, and a customization …

Backgammon Set


With 65 years of experience, Crisloid makes long-lasting backgammon sets—and even offers the opportunity to customize your own. While the team is open to exploring all kinds of themes—from palm trees to …

Pheasant Edition Backgammon


An exceptional tribute to the oldest recorded board game in existence, this backgammon set features a hand-lacquered photographic feather playing field encased in Zebrano wood. Duel using pieces made of antique gold …

Roll-Up Backgammon Set


Throw your beach towel into this canvas bag, and once you hit the sand empty it out and you’re ready to play. The board is printed on the duffle and the game …

Travel Backgammon


Backgammon is the oldest known board game, dating back to 3000 BC, and Frederick & Mae restore those classic roots with a beautifully crafted travel edition that looks as stunning on the …

Backgammon Set


Produced by Geoffrey Parker and Bentley, these elegant backgammon sets draw on the venerated design traditions of both luxury brands, from the hand-bound leather casing to subtle Bentley branding stamped on each …