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Strange Bird

Bird Balm


Made for those tight, dry patches of skin, Strange Bird’s smooth, glossy Bird Balm possesses a light and silky quality that many balms lack. The cream-to-oil formula can be applied all over …


CBD Balm


This rich potion from STEVIE has been formulated with 500mg of highly refined CBD distillate—the purest form of cannabidiol. The brand (named after Stevie Nicks) was founded by LA-based Courtney Trop, and …

Tower 28

SuperDew Highlighter Balm


Made in the US and 100% vegan, this highlighter enhances complexion, making skin look dewy and luminous. It doesn’t just operate at the surface-level, however, it also supports healthy skin to ensure …

Fat and the Moon

Sore Muscle Salve


With relaxing effects from tobacco and warming relief from cayenne and cloves, this hand-crafted salve by Fat and the Moon (founded by herbalist Rachel Budde) soothes muscles with natural ingredients that are …


Calming Temple Balm


Each 0.9-ounce container of Haoma’s Calming Temple Balm comes infused with 75mg of full-spectrum CBD, which helps nourish dry and damaged skin and reduces stress and anxiety. For best results, warm a …

Veritas Farms

Full-Spectrum CBD Lip Balm


Colorado-based Veritas Farms’ CBD lip balm provides soothing short-term treatment that won’t dry your lips in the long-term. The full-spectrum hemp oil doesn’t give you a buzz, but your lips will be …

KNC Beauty

Supa Balm


Founded by Kristen Noel Crawley and beloved for its lip masks, KNC Beauty also has two rich lip balms available. In mint or rose, these balms are vegan and entirely free of …


Intense Moisture Set


Ideal for harsh winter months, Monastery’s Intense Moisture Set includes three luxurious products: Rose (a cleansing oil), Flora (cream serum) and Attar (repair concentrate). The gentle cleanser is made to be used …


Inked Tattoo Balm


The first couple of days after getting a tattoo are make or break for the longterm healing of a new piece. While Aquaphor—the most common balm used to keep freshly inked skin …