Sweden’s Floating Hotel, Arctic Bath

Resembling a bundle of logs, Sweden’s Arctic Bath hotel and spa floats on the Lule River in the country’s north, near Luleå. Designed by architects Bertil Harström and Johan Kauppi, the property offers a divine blend of luxury experiences and access to nature—with its open-air cold bath, bear-watching, hikes and other outdoor activities as well as saunas, massages and various treatments available indoors. Of the …

Behind the Design of Williamsburg’s Bathhouse

Co-owners Travis Talmadge and Jason Goodman on their spa for the future in a century-old building

Williamsburg’s aptly named, recently opened Bathhouse—in a renovated 1930s soda factory that was once home to the Brooklyn Bottling Company and Dr. Brown’s Soda—has been renovated and designed by co-founders Travis Talmadge and Jason Goodman in collaboration with Jennifer Carpenter of Verona Carpenter Architects. The space meticulously preserves many of the original elements including the vaulted ceilings, original brickwork and a 100-foot-tall smokestack that now serves …

Herbal Cold and Flu Soak

Made to relieve congestion and illness-related aches and pains, C.O. Bigelow’s herbal soak is packed with willow bark, ginger, eucalyptus and peppermint—a combination that boosts the immune system and clears sinuses. Simply add four to six capfuls to bathwater and settle in. Made with all-natural ingredients, this soak is especially soothing in the colder months.