Books and Beach Towels For Summer 2022

Perfect pairings for a summer day in the sunshine

Whether you’re lying on the sand or rocks, a pool lounge, hot tiles or a patch of grass in the park, summertime brings the joy of relaxing in the sunshine and reading a good book. From the surreal to the satirical, salient and silly, these are some of our favorite novels (each paired with a bright, boldly designed towel) this season. Disorientation Taiwanese American writer …

The One and Only Towel

Paris-based independent apparel brand Carne Bollente’s sex positive ethos manifests once again in their delightfully suggestive One and Only Towel. Through artist Mike Wilcox’s vivid, bright hues depicting different labia, the towel is a plush and bold celebration of vulvas.

Backwards Towel

From Dutch artist Parra (aka Pieter Janssen), this 100% cotton jacquard towel features a depiction of a woman dramatically curved over a bike, traveling backward. Available in indigo or pink, each side of the accessory is an inversion of the other.