Evocative and Inspiring Storytelling in Our Fall Reading List

Immerse yourself in pages of poetry, fiction, essays and more

Whether reading insightful essays or fantastical fiction, there’s nothing quite like immersion in a new book that illuminates unknown worlds and broadens perspectives. As the cold weather begins descending on the northern hemisphere, and the south approaches beach reading season, there are countless opportunities to dive into pages and explore characters and ideas—real or imagined. Here are just some of our picks for fall reading—all …

Fashion Climbing: A Memoir With Photographs by Bill Cunningham

A beloved documentarian of style, Bill Cunningham captured generation after generation through honest, fashion-oriented photography until his passing in 2016. This, his memoir, was typewritten and tucked away—only to appear now in his beautiful, clever voice. Accompanying the text are many images by the photographer and milliner. It’s an intimate self-portrait of glamour, bohemia and pursuing one’s dreams.

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Bill Cunningham's secret memoir, celebrating Katsuko Saruhashi, upcycling, gene-editing and more

1. Bill Cunningham’s Secret Memoir Legendary fashion photographer Bill Cunningham left behind a somewhat secret memoir which is set to publish later this year. Titled “Fashion Climbing,” the book has been drafted several times, as a few revised versions were discovered in his immense archive. Tracing his childhood obsession with women’s clothing to his service in the Korean War, his work in NYC as a …