Bison Quilted Throw Blanket

Made in the USA, United by Blue’s Bison Quilted Throw Blanket features B100 insulation, drawn from 60% Bison fiber and 40% regenerated polyester. It measures 50 by 70 inches, and an eight-inch baffling reflects classic design. Adaptive warmth is key here and the brand—known for its durability—never fails to deliver.

Wild Idea Buffalo Co.

Grass-fed bison meat for conscious carnivores

As sustainable food practices continue to shift closer to the norm, Wild Idea Buffalo Co. earns bragging rights for being one of the country’s first and only commercial ranches to offer humanely harvested meat from entirely grass-fed, free-roaming buffalo. Based in the Great Plains of South Dakota, Wild Idea was founded more than a decade ago by Dan O’Brien, a wildlife biologist and one of …