Px7 S2 Headphones

From Bowers & Wilkins, these over-ear, noise-cancelling Px7 S2 headphones utilize custom-designed 40mm drive units that are carefully angled in the ear-cups to deliver precise, sharp sound. Six microphones and a 24-bit-capable wireless platform further ensure enhanced noise-cancellation and music dynamics. Replete with memory foam ear-pads, these sleek headphones (available in black, blue or gray) elevate both comfort and high-quality sound.

Headphones For High-Quality Listening Experiences

Five over-the-ear options for brilliant sound while on the move

With more and more listeners adopting over-ear headphones for a more critical listening experience that earbuds generally don’t provide, the industry keeps innovating and evolving their already countless options. For many, wireless headphones are still viewed with suspicion, as being plugged in means there are fewer instances that might compromise performance. But many headphones provide both options. Also relevant is whether closed or open-back iterations …

TMA-2 HD Headphones

With ultra-high definition sound, courtesy of bio-diaphragm speaker units that drastically reduce distortion, AIAIAI’s TMA-2 HD headphones deliver unmatched precision. Their Alcantara-wrapped pads are filled with memory foam that retains the wearer’s ear shape, reducing use-related discomfort and the likelihood of headaches. On a full battery, these will last through 16 hours of playback.