Florence Broadhurst: Her Secret + Extraordinary Lives

Famous for her colorful geometric and nature-inspired wallpaper designs, Australian designer and entrepreneur Florence Broadhurst was a fascinating individual. This book by Helen O’Neill explores Broadhurst’s body of work, as well as her personal life and tragic unsolved murder.

Oyster: A Gastronomic History (with Recipes)

Drew Smith (former editor of The Good Food Guide) has delved deep into all things oyster-related with his beautiful new hardcover “Oyster: A Gastronomic History (with Recipes).” From the delicacy’s ancient history (did you know Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus” incorrectly has her sailing ashore in a scallop shell, when it should have been an oyster shell?) to exciting recipes, etiquette, tools and more, this book …

Bonjour Paris City Map Guide

Documenting his travels through delightful doodles, writer and filmmaker Marin Montagut offers “Bonjour Paris,” a map and information guide mash-up that uncovers the most charming Parisian establishments. Part of his “Bonjour” series (which also includes New York, London and Paris by night), the guide is made from waterproof, tear-resistant paper and will shepherd you to the best the City of Light has to offer.