Lavender Water 12-Pack

Osun’s sugar- and gluten-free beverages can be sipped alone or added to spirits as a mixer. Beginning with spring water that’s been filtered through positively charged crystals, each drink is then infused and lightly carbonated. Various flavors are available, but the lavender promises to help relieve anxiety and stress as well reduce inflammation. Price is in AUD for a pack of 12 bottles.

Riverine Spirit

Co-founded by master distiller Morgan Mclachlan, AMASS focuses on botanicals, be it in their spirits or body products. Their alcohol-free offering, Riverine Spirit contains 14 regional botanics including juniper, sumac, sorrel, mint and thyme. The light, citrus-forward, herbaceous drink—which is somewhat akin to gin—can be blended into cocktails, sipped neat or over ice with a little tonic.