Dream Spray

Made with tinctures of mugwort, Pacific dogwood, peppermint, holy basil and California poppy, Dream Spray promotes sleep, relaxation and (as its name implies) dreams. Each ingredient comes from ethically gathered and organically cultivated plants, and the formula also includes essential oils, grain alcohol and water. Simply spritz onto pillows before bed to encourage restful slumber or even on clothing to support meditation and creativity.

High Rhode Euphoric

Crafted from a blend of nootropics, adaptogens and botanics, Kin Euphoric’s High Rhode is bottled bliss. Inside, there are eight servings, each meant to be prepared over ice, and then topped with soda and served with lime. Notes of Hibiscus, gentian and licorice are most noticeable on the palate. There’s no alcohol inside the euphoric, but it “helps to calm the body’s response to stress …