Boeing Flight Simulators

Always wanted to fly a jumbo jet? British Airways can put you in an actual cockpit with one of their flight simulators. Usually reserved for professional training, British Airways is offering this exciting peak into the life of a pilot.

Service in the Sky

15-year veteran Emma Ridgers talks to us about life as a British Airways cabin crew member

With a crisp white shirt, pressed navy blue suit, and red patterned tie placed just so, it’s always a high-flying day at work for British Airways‘ cabin crew. While the passengers watch the in-flight entertainment, read, and doze, the hard-working cabin crew members like Emma Ridgers do everything in their power to make the flight as safe and pleasant as possible for everyone on board. …

Wine Flights

British Airways imbibes

Good news for British Airways flyers looking to unwind in the sky: wine is complimentary in every class of all flights. Andrew Sparrow of Bibendum Wine runs the department after cutting his teeth for 30 years on the British Airways team. “While working cabin crew on long-haul flights,” he says,” people would always make comments about the wine.” During numerous layovers around the world, Sparrow …