Charlie Bell Echo Clock

From husband and wife team, Jim and Chloe Read, British design brand Newgate produces wall clocks, wristwatches and alarms with contemporary twists and nostalgic shapes. Their battery-powered Charlie Bell Echo Clock epitomizes this amalgamation with its fire engine red metal case, glass lens and graphic dial. A “no tick” movement within makes it quieter than most, except when the twin-bell alarm sounds a wake-up call.

At 100 Years Old, Bentley Still Has a Bright Future

Celebrating the centenary of the British luxury automaker, from the Mediterranean to Manhattan

For any brand to remain in business for a century is impressive, but a small British luxury automaker headquartered in the countryside doing so proves even more so. In their 100th year of existence, Bentley shows no signs of slowing. It’s seemingly been nonstop for the team based in Crewe, England this year: launching new generations of the Continental GT and Flying Spur, showing off the …

Loyle Carner feat. Rebel Kleff + Kiko Bun: You Don’t Know

Loyle Carner (aka Benjamin Coyle-Larner) moonlights as an observant server, bartender, security guard and cab driver in the video for “You Don’t Know.” Watching over his mother (played by his real-life mom) as she goes on a few dates—some good and some not so. Throughout, Carner raps about his own dating fears—particularly losing trust and love as time goes on. It’s a clever and sweet …