Golden Thyme Candle

Izola created the Golden Thyme candle in staunch revolt against the grossly pungent fragrances of the common scented candle, with a mission to please even the most offended of male noses—although we wouldn’t be surprised if a ladyfriend or two also appreciates the subtle scent. Thyme, the precious herb that Rudyard Kipling said to “smell like dawn in Paradise,” has been used throughout history for …

Scented Candle Set

Known for their outstanding eco-friendly detergents, NYC’s The Laundress applies the freshest of scents to their entire range of goods, including hand-poured candles. Simple script labeling keeps it visually clean as well.

Basil and Clary Sage Soy Candle

Handcrafted by Brooklyn-based Meow Meow Tweet, add an air of relaxation to your home with the herbaceous mixture of basil and earthy and scent of clary sage.