Confetti Canteen

Created in collaboration with Corkcicle, this Poketo canteen is decorated with a confetti-like pattern that’s both sparse and playful. Using this one is a surefire way to ensure that your bottle won’t get lost amongst the sea of dull options. Plus, this one can keep cold drinks ice-cold for 25 hours and hot ones hot for 12—with a capacity of 12 oz.

Insulated Canteen

Corkcicle’s canteens stand out thanks to their attention to detail. Patented easy-grip sides prevent the bottle from rolling (while also providing an angular look), its no-slip bottom keeps it secure on almost any surface, and triple insulation keeps drinks hot or cold for 12 and 25 hours respectively. Available at four different capacities and in a range of colors—from glossy pastel peach to brushed copper—there’s …