Unsettle + Company’s Commuter II Series

Three bags in one kit, for all your expected (and unexpected) activities

The idea for Unsettle + Company‘s Commuter II Series began with practicing yoga—specifically the desire to find a practical and well-designed way to lug around a yoga mat—but turned into a collection of bags for everyday commuters. The three-piece kit contains a yoga mat carrier and a flexible tote and duffle, covering all your expected (and unexpected) activities. The duffle is big enough to fit …

Dog Carrier

For those who are toting their dogs around, it’ll be hard to find one more appropriate and stylish than this offering from Cloud7. It incorporates a removable undyed sheep’s wool inlay and a safety leash. The outside structure is adjustable (and washable) and crafted from 100% cotton canvas. And, altogether, it just looks cute.

Leather Firewood Bag

A grand fireplace is only befitting of equally majestic accoutrement. Dutch designer Dick Van Hoff—whose work is found in several European museums—created this handsome Leather Firewood Bag to carry hardworking logs in proper style, while adding a dash of rich utility to the living room. Picked by The Macallan Master of Wood, Stuart MacPherson