Castle Block Set

From the heirloom-quality South German toy brand Gluckskafer, the Castle Block Set is a vertical puzzle produced with wood from the Linden tree. The bright primary colors (drawn from non-toxic, water-based paint) lend each block—and the non-traditional, but still fairytale-like castle as a whole—an even more imaginative presence.

Inside an Abandoned Italian Castle

Netherlands-based photographer Martino Segwaard has a penchant for shooting abandoned buildings, and his latest subject happens to be his most beautiful yet. Though he won’t divulge its exact location, the palace-like residence—which prominently bears the words “Non Plus Ultra”—is most likely Castello di Sammezzano located just outside of Florence, Italy. Segwaard’s striking images capture the castle’s beautiful mosaic floors, high vaulted ceilings and intricately adorned …