Cats Sculptures

Swirling with color and character, these mini cat figures from ceramicist Eleni Kontos double as ring holders. The series features different cats, each in various poses from kitties stretching and sitting to rolling around. They are sold separately but specific cats can be ordered upon request.

Custom Ceramic Pet Portrait

For her studio Mad Brooklyn, artist Jacqueline Tse uses a piping bag to create pet portraits out of clay slip. The intricate ceramic is then spray-painted with underglaze using an ombre technique, creating an inventive commemoration of furry friends. With customization options to craft individual pets and a wire hook in the back for hanging, Tse’s unique work is a thoughtful gift for animal lovers.

Nice Grill Cat Collar

Resplendent in a vibrant emerald and navy pattern, the Nice Grill cat collar from New Orleans-based See Scout Sleep is a thoughtful, design-forward pet accessory. Made from a light hemp webbing that’s non-allergenic and full of anti-bacterial properties, the collar is equipped with a safety release buckle that’s designed to snap open easily if a cat is uncomfortable. Crafted with easygoing felines in mind, the Nice …