Bloom Basketball

Chance’s Bloom Basketball—a vibrant lilac, covered in large multicolored flowers—recalls the blossoming of spring and the beauty of growth over perfection. While eye-catching, it’s more than a positive prompt and is made from premium rubber material intended for indoor or outdoor use. Its pebble pattern offers stronger grip control and a Butyl bladder locks in air, ensuring optimal ball pressure and consistent bounce.

Studio Visit: Conceptual Artist Dove Bradshaw

A look behind some of her stone work currently on show at the Noguchi Museum

by Natasha Tauber In the live/work space artist Dove Bradshaw shares with her partner of 41 years, artist William Anastasi, every sightline is assembled in deference to her eye and the couple’s evolving artistic harmonies. Dense pockets of books and recordings are points of gravity, in an expansive light-filled upper Manhattan apartment made loft-like by the removal of many of its 1913 walls. In art, …