Stelvio Raclette Party Grille

Bringing a bit of Alpine dining coziness to your home, Swissmar’s Stelvio Raclette Party Grille broils cheese on one level and grills meat and veggies on top. This two-tier model—which features granite above and stainless steel below—includes variable heat control. For anyone who hasn’t yet hosted a raclette dinner for their housemates, the grille also comes with a straightforward recipe book.

Word of Mouth: Milwaukee

Wisconsin's largest city comprises steadfast institutions and emerging hotspots

Milwaukee, Wisconsin constitutes the remnants of a few industries long gone and the emergence of others that render the city somewhere between a resurgence and an evolution. It certainly never faded completely, but there’s undoubtedly something new to it all. That doesn’t mean the best parts of the city are those that opened recently though. Milwaukee adores its longstanding bars (Bryant’s) and fast-food joints (Kopp’s …