Amalgam’s Experimental Cherry Reduction Beer

The Denver brewery uses a centuries-old technique to extract deep, complex notes from sour beer, barrels, and fruit

To produce in the traditional ice wine style requires patience. Grapes—while still on the vine—are frozen and subsequently concentrated, as the water within freezes but the sugars do not. When pressed, their juice proves far richer, deeper, and sweeter. Using this centuries-old concept as a starting point, Amalgam Brewing co-owners Eric Schmidt and Phil Joyce sought to replicate a similarly complex and concentrated beer. Beginning with …

Chiaverini Cherries Jam

With packaging as sweet as its contents, Chiaverini’s canned jam makes for a pleasant little foodstuff gift. Available at the equally adorable and sophisticated London shop, The Hambledon, the brand’s Florentine origins date back to 1928.