Original Chicken Chips

Available in three flavors—original, salt and vinegar, and BBQ—Flock Foods’ gluten- and dairy-free chicken chips contain more protein than potato chips. Made from 100% premium chicken skins and sea salt (and fried in soybean oil), these simple but irresistible chips come in packs of eight single-serve bags.

Summer Gift Guide: Swimwear + Snacks

Boardshorts, bikinis, sweet treats and zesty nibbles for the perfect beach day

There are several essentials for any beach or pool day: sunglasses, sunscreen, towel, good book, swimsuit and snacks. While a few of those rarely require a second thought, one duo in particular warrants frequent refreshing: the water-ready garments you wear and the hunger-satisfying treats you bring along. From bikinis to boardshorts, beverages, chips, chocolate, matcha and more, we have your afternoon in the sunshine covered—just …

Himalayan Pink Salt Chicken Chips

Wilde Brands recently debuted a Himalayan Pink Salt flavor for their chicken chips (thinly cut pieces of chicken fried with tapioca flour) and it offers a complex, delectable taste, along with the high-protein nutritional value that their other snacks do. With zero grams of sugar and a low carb count, these will satisfy even the biggest potato chip enthusiast. A box includes four bags of …