Tie-Dye Basketball

Part of an ongoing collaboration between Chinatown Market and Smiley, this tie-dye basketball adds extra flair to anybody’s game. Crafted from composite leather and inflated to official regulation size, this colorful ball affords equal opportunity for performance as it does expression. Best of all, it’ll be nearly impossible to mix this limited-edition ball up with others at pick-up games.

Chinatown Market ZERØGRAND

Cole Haan’s second drop with Chinatown Market sees the Canal Street-celebrating founder Mike Cherman hand-pick colors and custom materials for the lightest ZERØGRAND collection yet. The signature smiley adorns the upper—sending an optimistic message to everyone in sight. Meanwhile, the sneaker’s clever lacing system actually holds laces in place, turning each shoe into a comfortable slip-on.

Smiley Face Basketball

Chinatown Market—as part of their official collaboration with the Smiley brand—has released a bright yellow, grinning basketball. Built for the rigors of actual use, the ball has the structural integrity, dimensions, tack and wide recognition channels of a regulation ball. Indoor courts are recommended for use though—primarily because the scuffs from outdoor courts will show up more on the yellow exterior.