2020 We’re Laughing Cider

Refreshing, tart and gently sparkling, Greenpoint Cidery’s 2020 We’re Laughing boasts hints of cranberries, raspberries and green brambles. Named after a song by the Psychedelic Aliens, this limited edition cider is fermented in the Hudson Valley in a farmhouse style. This handcrafted cider—with all ingredients sourced locally—is imbued with the naturally bright terroir of upstate New York.

Seven Beers, Ciders + Category-Defying Low-ABV Beverages

Refreshing and experimental concoctions made for the transitioning season

Along with oddball beer categories like fruited sours, “milkshake” IPAs and pastry stouts, all kinds of cross-contaminating, category-defying beverages continue to emerge—and please palates. Blurring the lines between beer and wine, beer and cider, and even cider and wine, producers across the country (and beyond) are experimenting with flavors and processes to create truly unique drinks. All of the beverages here transcend genre and are …