Velvet Haze Perfume

One of BYREDO’s most transportive fragrances, Velvet Haze is a rich, musk-led scent that captivates. With notes of ambrette (also known as muskmallow, a medicinal plant), coconut water, patchouli, cacao absolute and various musks, the layered fragrance is warm and slightly earthy but with an ethereal appeal.

VIOLET ENDS Cologne de Parfum

Boy Smells has been a cult favorite for their divine candles since 2016, and the LA-based brand just released their first line of personal fragrances. The five scents are intended for all genders (or are “genderful,” to use the brand’s term) and calling them Cologne de Parfums reflects that intention. The diverse scents range from woody to fresh and zesty. Our pick is VIOLET ENDS, …

Mixed Emotions Perfume

Mixed Emotions incorporates surprising scents to create an entirely transportive fragrance. The perfume boasts top notes of earthy, herbaceous maté and a little tang from blackcurrant; a heart of radiant, floral ceylon black tea and green, fresh violet leaves; and a woody, calming base of papyrus and birch. While the combination sounds busy, the result is divine—a slightly sweet but grounding scent.