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Florence Broadhurst: Her Secret + Extraordinary Lives


Famous for her colorful geometric and nature-inspired wallpaper designs, Australian designer and entrepreneur Florence Broadhurst was a fascinating individual. This book by Helen O’Neill explores Broadhurst’s body of work, as well as …

Traam Vase


Belgian-born, Czech Republic-based designer Anna Torfs consistently make stunning glassware pieces that will be the envy of anybody who catches a glimpse. The Traam Vase is a certain favorite—it’s bold and dynamic, …

Invisible Creature Stack and Scare


Uncle Goose lets imaginations soar with colorful blocks of monster parts and patterns. Made from sustainable Michigan-grown basswood, the blocks feature non-toxic ink and are made in the USA.

The Pen


Made in England, this sleek pen is for those who like to take phone messages and make doodles in serious style. Machined from a solid piece of lead-free brass and hand-plated in …

“Woods and Rivers #1” Painting


Oakland-based artist Heather Day translates her experiences—often with nature—into expressive layers of paint. She uses color “like punctuation,” helping viewers to read (and read into) her work. This selection, “Woods and Rivers …

Katavolo, Littell and Kelley Lounge Chairs


Usually seen in black or brown, these sensuous lounge chairs designed by Katavolos, Littell and Kelley are sought-after classics from the 1950s. They’re built from chrome, steel and leather and were originally …

Jeweled Butterfly Notes


These Jeweled Butterfly Notes from designer Kimberly McDonald + Mrs John L Strong put card-opening on par with unwrapping presents. Meant to coordinate with McDonald’s Butterfly Box Set, the luxurious 12-card collection …

Handmade Nesting Dolls


Containing five different animals—including a lion, monkey and more—these handmade nesting dolls will encourage kids’ imaginary jungle adventures. The cute characters are not only fun for play time, but also make for …

Onyx Pearl Perfume


This unisex fragrance by Swedish perfumers Agonist is strong, confident and unique—and the simple black and white graphics with the pop of red in the bottom of the bottle make an equally …