The Plant Shoe

A first-ever for the sneaker industry, Native’s The Plant Shoe is a low-cut silhouette made entirely from plant-based materials. From the eucalyptus pulp lasting board to the pineapple husk upper, the sneaker adheres to 100% zero-waste biodegradability standards, is aerobically compostable and is Certified Animal Free. The cork midsole (something a few brands are turning to for its antimicrobial properties) lends comfortability, while a cotton …

Reusable Food Wraps

Handmade from organic cotton, Etee’s reusable food wraps are sustainable and compostable alternatives to plastic and paper bags. Available in sets of three, these medium-sized wraps “activate” and become tacky with the warmth of your hands, and can be used for fruits, nuts, and sandwiches—anything. Each one offers some 120+ uses and they can be composted when they’re no longer adhesive.

Plantable Pencils

Super-clever and kind to the planet, these pencils from Sprout is tipped with a seed capsule (be it thyme, basil or flax) for planting once its used down to the end. Sustainable, biodegradable and non-toxic, these wooden pencils come in a set of eight and are perfect for creative kids and adults alike.