Coffee Products for Conscious Consumers

Your habit can be kinder to the environment and farmers alike

There’s no doubt that everybody on the CH team is an avid (if not a little obsessive) coffee enthusiast, but the result of being of a coffee fan is—oftentimes—excessive waste: cups, filters, lids, sugar packets, straws, plastic pods, you name it. Becoming a more conscious coffee consumer involves more than just buying better (fair trade, shade-grown, etc) coffee—though that is a necessary prerequisite. To reduce our …

Ecoscraps Organic Potting Soils

Reducing food waste and slowing landfill growth through composted soils

Though the practice dates back to ancient times, most people composting these days seem to be avid home gardeners with some time on their hands or science class students. Urging others to get in on the all-natural endeavor is Ecoscraps, a Utah-based company that’s making composting even more mainstream. On a mission to “grow gardens, not landfills,” they collect food waste from local restaurants, grocery …

Olke Birre Coffee

Known internationally as a consistent producer of some of the world’s best coffee, Ethiopia is a haven for coffee nerds. The dedicated team behind Counter Coffee Culture worked with organic farmer Olke Birre—one of the first in all of Yirgacheffe to have his own mini washing station—to produce a delicious, single-farm harvest with a smooth flavor profile accented by hints of lemonade, peach and tangerine.