Espresso Martini Canned Cocktails

Quality ingredients have been the key to the espresso martini’s explosive resurgence—and that’s exactly what sets Tip Top Cocktails’ canned drinks apart. Made in collaboration with Counter Culture Coffee, these vodka-based RTD cocktails taste of rich and flavorful roasted coffee with a light and creamy vanilla bean exclamation point. Each 100ml can clocks in at 22% ABV. The price reflects an eight-pack.

Equilibrium Limited Release Blend

An amalgam of beans (in equal thirds) from Ethiopia, Kenya and Guatemala, Counter Culture Coffee’s limited release Equilibrium blend yields dynamic notes of berry and sweet citrus. The lightly roasted whole-bean coffee also adheres to the brand’s rigorous socially responsible and environmentally sustainable mission.

Olke Birre Coffee

Known internationally as a consistent producer of some of the world’s best coffee, Ethiopia is a haven for coffee nerds. The dedicated team behind Counter Coffee Culture worked with organic farmer Olke Birre—one of the first in all of Yirgacheffe to have his own mini washing station—to produce a delicious, single-farm harvest with a smooth flavor profile accented by hints of lemonade, peach and tangerine.