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New York Shuk

Harissa Crackers


New York Shuk teamed up with Hayden Flour Mills to put a vibrant spin on the humble cracker. Combining Hayden Flour’s high-quality, white sonora wheat with the market’s authentic and experienced palate …

Gluten-Free Crackers


Made using only non-GMO ingredients, Onesto crackers are super-crunchy, and delicious—which might be seemingly impossible to many, as they are also gluten-free. Free of bleached sugars and preservatives, the variety pack includes …

Naomi Nutcracker


Banish the misery of cramped-up nutcracking hands and messy piles of shells from your life with Take2 Design’s Naomi Nutcracker. The process is simple: place the nut under the nifty-looking coil, hold …