Sun Ra Bumper Sticker

A humorous ode to pioneering Afrofuturists and avant-jazz band Sun Ra Arkestra, this bumper sticker by thatscoolthankyou features the words, “My other ride is the extra-terrestrial energy generated by the cosmic transmissions of the SUN RA ARKESTRA.” With a hot pink background and large black font, the sticker is aptly bold and esoteric.  

The Graphic Alphabet Book Of Music

Written and illustrated by Pass The Peas, The Graphic Alphabet Book of Music is a compendium of vocabulary and visuals that together captures the spectrum of music. Featuring retro-leaning graphic design, references to idols and a jaunty layout, the lighthearted alphabet book pays respect to genres and artists and serves as a way to discover new sounds.

Radical Softness as a Boundless Form of Resistance

The sixth edition of Radical Softness as a Boundless Form of Resistance continues to meditate on how tenderness is reflected, resonated and realized within different practices. Released by Genderfail—a publishing initiative dedicated to intersectional queer subjectivity—and edited by Be Oakley, the zine includes essays written by the editor, as well as writing by Lora Mathis, Alexis Ruiseco-Lombera, Noah LeBien and Kimi Hanauer. It also features new …