Santi feat. Krisirie: RX-64 (The Jungle)

From Lagos-based alté artist Santi’s debut album, Mandy & The Jungle, comes “RX-64,” a track that fuses dancehall with afrobeat and hip-hop influences. Santi and Barbados-based guest vocalist Krisirie cruise atop the beat, which features prominent bass and drums. “While I was recording, each time I closed my eyes I saw a jungle,” Santi told i-D. “It felt very unsafe, but still very wild and …

Ladi6: Royal Blue

The title-track from Ladi6’s six-track EP, “Royal Blue” is a sparkly tune that blends pop, psychedelic and dancehall in a way that not only works, but allures with its silkiness. Ladi6 (made up of frontwoman Ladi aka Karoline Tamati, Parks aka Brent Park and Julien Dyne) apparently worked on the songs at shows around New Zealand before heading to the studio.