Ten Delectable Chocolate Treats That Defy Expectation

From the utterly odd to the refreshingly simple, welcome variations on standard issue bars

We believe chocolate goods can be assessed by a succinct set of criteria: the amount of ingredients they employ, which state of cacao they use as their basis, and the inventiveness of the accoutrements. While chocolate purveyors adhering to fair trade certifications and committing only to all-natural ingredients and no additives, used to be few and far between, those that impress with quality and conscience …

Fossa Chocolate’s Handmade Bars

A collection including everything from luxe and dark to sea-inspired

Handcrafted in Mandai, Singapore, Fossa Chocolate blends the traditional processes of chocolate-making with inventive culinary insight to make bars unlike others—both in appearance and on the palate. Whether it’s a collection of excellent dark options or bars inspired by the sea, they balance the richness and nuances of the cacao with flavors they feel are complementary. With the cacao they source—they sort, roast, crack, winnow, …

Donald Sultan Dark Chocolate Bars

A collaboration between weR2 and MarieBelle Chocolates New York, these dark chocolate bars look as good as they taste. Four different Donald Sultan-designed boxes represent each flavor—composed of rich 70% dark chocolate combined with either ginger, orange, almond or pistachio. Best of all, a portion of the proceeds from this weR2 product goes to the Foundation For The Carolinas, in response to the devastating effects of 2018’s Hurricane Florence.