Whisky Glass Design Brand Norlan Launches Scotland-Inspired Room Sprays + Diffuser

Three distinct scents reference various Scotch-producing regions in the country

Anyone who has visited Scotland’s Highlands, the Isle of Skye, or Islay, understands the importance of olfactive memories. Each stunning landscape or stiff, salty breeze receives sensory accompaniment and scent holds great importance. Thus, Norlan—a design brand that’s so far sought to perfect the whisky glass—has ventured in a new direction with the introduction of their Vam Terrain Fragrances and Vam Monolith Diffuser. Each of …

Stone Diffuser

Vitruvi’s classic stone diffusers now come in three earthy coloways inspired by Tuscany. Available in sage, teracotta and sand, these diffusers are handmade from porcelain and feature a matte finish which covers the ultrasonic technology within.

White Tower XL Humidifier Diffuser

With a two-liter capacity, GuruNanda’s White Tower XL Humidifier Diffuser offers 12 hours of continuous essential oil diffusion, all while exuding substantial bubble mist. From its patent-pending air funnel to the medical-grade white plastic and gently shifting LED accents, all components are top-tier. And the machine shuts itself off when water is low, removing undue stress.