Interlocking Sandals

These Interlocking Sandals combine District Vision’s dedication to performance-oriented athletic apparel with cult Japanese brand Suicoke’s minimal design. The sandals feature Suicoke’s signature antibacterial and supportive EVA cushioned footbed, a supple strap system that molds to the wearer and a custom-developed Vibram Wurstel outsole that allows the shoes to interlock for easy storage and transport.

District Vision’s Meditation Toolkit

The NYC-based brand has extended its range of goods for runners and active souls

Since rolling out their range of eyewear in 2015, District Vision has been working on more and more style-forward sports- and wellness-related goods. The latest from the brand (co-founded by Tom Daly and Max Vallot, who previously worked at Saint Laurent and Acne) is their Meditation Toolkit—a collection of items that were inspired by time spent with runners for meditation sessions before races—ostensibly extending their …