Ray Harness

While attempting to put pups in a harness can result in fumbling and tricky maneuvering, Boo Oh’s Ray Harness makes it seamless and fluid. The handcrafted accessory—made from customized silk rayon rope and Italian Buttero leather—is an exclusive, patent-pending utilitarian design. Made to be easy to use for owners and comfortable for dogs, it’s an elegant take on a humble product.

Jelly Bean No-Pull Harness in Spice

Created by 2 Hounds Design, the patented No-Pull Harness discourages darting and yanking, ultimately yielding a more pleasant walk between a dog and its person. It does so through a gently tightening system (which includes a velvet-lined chest strap aimed at preventing chafing). No two of the jelly bean iterations of this harness are the same, as the colorful strips that compose it are selected at …