Remi Wolf feat. Dominic Fike: Photo ID

A few tweaks and work from Dominic Fike create the remix of Remi Wolf’s 2020 track, “Photo ID,” which appeared on I’m Allergic To Dogs!. Energetic and infectious, the song premiered with a Florida Man-directed music video depicting Wolf in a disco ball helmet, Fike getting acupuncture in his head  and, as the song swirls into a distorted breakdown, the duo dancing in matching hats.

Dominic Fike: Come Here

The attention-grabbing opener to recording artist Dominic Fike’s debut album, What Could Possibly Go Wrong?, “Come Here” proves brief but big. Over screeching guitars, Fike’s muffled vocals and deep drums provide plenty of rock edge. What Could Possibly Go Wrong? merits a full listen; it showcases the Florida-born musician’s progress as an artist, and “Come Here” is quite the introduction.

Dominic Fike: 3 Nights

Dominic Fike, a recent Columbia Records signee and a Naples, Florida native, just released his debut EP, Don’t Forget About Me, Demos. A standout on the six track release is “3 Nights,” an acoustic guitar-backed alternative hit. It hums along to a recognizable, steady beat (with loads of personality). Fike displays his vocal ability and flexes a bit of his star-power potential here—which is impressive considering …